Hormonal stimulation

Egg maturation and ovulation can be stimulated with hormones.

If the cause of your problems to conceive is a delayed or no ovulation, it can be promoted by hormone treatment in the form of pills (Clomiphencitrat, e.g. Clomid® oder Serophene® from the 3rdto 7thday of the cycle). After taking the pills, we check the number and size of the follicles using ultrasound on the 12thday of the cycle. Ovulation can be triggered by hormone injection (Beta-HCG, e.g. Choriomon®, Ovitrelle®, Pregnyl®, Profasi®).

If the effects of the pills aren’t sufficient, the treatment can also be carried out with low-dose hormone injections (FSH, e.g. Fostimon®, Gonal F®, Puregon® or HMG, e.g. Menopur®, Merional®). These injections also usually start on the 3rd day of the cycle (at the latest on the 5th day), the first ultrasound control is carried out on the 8th day of the cycle. Ovulation must be triggered by hormone injection as soon as a follicle is ready to jump. With today’s modern preparations, the injections can easily be made directly under the skin, so that the woman herself or her partner can apply them after appropriate instruction.

The fact that ovulation is triggered by medication ensures, that fertile sperm can be found in the fallopian tube at the ideal time, shortly before the expected ovulation.

It is important that the hormone treatment is always carried out under ultrasound control, so that any danger of higher-grade multiples (triplets and more) can be recognised in good time and therapy can be stopped accordingly. Therefore, no unprotected sexual intercourse should take place before the first ultrasound check.

The hormone treatment can be combined with other treatment methods: